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  • VegaMux Multiplexer is a carrier-grade headend infrastructure element enabling flexible manipulation of MPEG2 Transport Streams in digital networks

    VegaMux provides multiplexing, PSI/SI processing and scrambling of many services received over IP and delivered over IP and ASI interfaces.

    VegaMux supports MPEG re-multiplexing functionality, including PID remapping and filtering, insertion/regeneration of PSI/SI tables, service redundancy as well multiple IP sockets containing MPTS and SPTS.

    All PSI and SI tables can be regenerated and played out, changing dynamically according to input changes.

    The optional built-in DVB-CSA scrambler with DVB Simulcrypt interface allows easy integration with many leading Conditional Access (CA) systems, e.g. KeyFly.

    The VegaMux series have different models varying from a ultra-compact solution to a 1RU compact unit.

  • Vegamux architecture

    • TS multiplexing/remultiplexing, scrambling and IP streaming
    • Multiple MPTS/SPTS received over IP and multiple MPTS generated delivered over IP. ASI output is available in POL-VEGA-MUX01 model
    • MPEG-2 TS over IP (UDP/RTP); multicast and unicast addressing are supported
    • Advanced management of PSI/SI tables, service filtering, and remapping
    • Extended PSI/SI capabilities:
      • PSI/SI inserting (e.g. EPG, play-out carousels…)
      • Dynamic PSI/SI re-generation
      • EIT multiplexing
      • Logical Channel Number (LCN) supported
    • Optional built-in DVB-CSA Scrambler (Simulcrypt interface): simultaneous and multiple conditional access (CA) systems supported. This option includes BISS encryption
    • Optional Multiprotocol Encapsulation (MPE): multiple IP streams can be encapsulated and multiplexed in the outgoing TS
    • Open loop statistical multiplexing (OLSM) provides the best QoS maximizing the number of available programs
    • Easy configuration via POLARplus Manager software tool
    • Device configurations can be saved and restored, making frequent configuration changes easier
    • 1RU/19'' solutions (POL-VEGA-MUX01 and POL-VEGA-GMUX01) and ultra-compact solution (POL-VEGA-MUXC) based on blade operation inside POL-ETV-SR21 chassis