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  • KeyFly is a security system for the protection of services over DVB networks enabling content distribution to regional operators

    Specially designed for the broadcasting industry, KeyFly preserves revenues by implementing the most secure transmission combined with an efficient access control for a secured contribution and distribution of media content: backhaul, sports feeds, newsgathering…

    As a key differentiation with other systems, KeyFly provides authorization management of devices and incorporates the most cutting edge security technology for a complete end-to-end protection.

    KeyFly, based on open standards such as DVB Simulcrypt and DVB common interface, provides a highly interoperable solution allowing customers to target the most suitable configuration.

  • KeyFly CDN architecture

    • KeyFly CORE component is based on DVB Simulcrypt to allow seamless interfacing to existing multiplexers. KeyFly has proven interoperability with leading manufacturers such as Thomson/Nextream, Tandberg, Scopus, Harmonic, Streamtel, Adtec, Wellav, Scientific- Atlanta and VegaMux by SIDSA
    • Access control: KeyFly CRM (Customer Rights Management) allows platform operator to address and manage access rights configuration for each KeyFly CAM. Supported business models are pre-subscription and subscription renewals
    • Compatibility with well established standards such as DVB MPEG2, DVB-CSA and DVB Common Interface ensures interoperability and fast roll out without any integration process
    • Scalability: KeyFly allows configurations from one to ten services and up to 10.000 KeyFly CAM
    • KeyFly CAM is used for descrambling of services at regional head-end. Ensured compatibility with any IRD due to Common Interface standard and bc-techs expertise in this technology. No proprietary reception equipment required. Multi-descrambling support for simultaneous decryption of various services which provides the key for a compact and cost-effective solution in head-end
    • Security: KeyFly CAM is based on SIDSA K1 chip implementing state of the art security technologies that allows avoiding smart card and provides a higher security
    • Fast-Roll out: KeyFly CAM with pre-ordered subscriptions allows a plug-and-watch approach
    • Reliability: Redundant KeyFly and high stability KeyFly CAM help operator to keep mission-critical services running without interruption