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  • K1-CAM provides a professional platform to implement content protection solutions for Digital Broadcasting services

    K1-CAM is a Common Interface PCMCIA module based on K1 chipset which offers cutting-edge security features making this module the ideal solution to host the most demanding conditional access systems in terms of security.

    The multi-descrambling capability (up to 16 services can be decrypted simultaneously), the standard ISO-7816 smart-card interface and the possibility of upgrading the module via Over The Air add more advantages to this Common Interface module.

    K1-CAM operation is completely independent of encoding and display resolution.

  • Conditioanl Access Module

    • Compliant with PCMCIA Common Interface standard: EN-50221 (Common Interface Specification for Conditional Access and other Digital Video Broadcasting Decoder Applications) and TS 101699 (Extensions to the Common Interface Specification)
    • Multi-CAS CI module: several CA systems can run simultaneously
    • Compatible with set-top-boxes, professional IRD's and iDTVs supporting Common Interface standard
    • Provides one smart card interface compliant with ISO-7816-3 and EMV TM
    • Support for T=0 and T=1 smart card protocols
    • Micro-programmable filtering machine
    • HW platform suitable for smart card-less conditional access systems without compromising security
    • ARM-7 internal host integrate in K1 chipset
    • 256 Kbytes flash (with One-Time-Programming area) and 144 Kbytes SRAM integrated in K1 chipset. No external memory is needed to implement a conditional access system
    • Integrated key-server in K1 ready to protect Control Words. Access to decrypted keys from CPU can be blocked
    • Integrated cypto-processor engines: TDES, RWG, DES, CSA and proprietary crypto-engine
    • Support for up to 64 PID's simultaneous descrambling
    • Support for up to 32 simultaneous control words
    • Support for up to 16 simultaneous programmable filters
    • Customized security level in factory
    • Unique identifier set in factory for traitor-tracing purposes
    • 1 Mbyte external flash for Over The Air upgrades