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  • EtherTV Mod-T allows adding digital TV and radio channels coming from different IP streams, into installations ready for DVB-T distribution

    EtherTV Mod-T is the perfect component to be used in Corporate and Hospitality scenarios. With EtherTV Mod-T, new TV channels will be added to the already existing DVB-T offer in a very efficient, compact and easy way.

    EtherTV Mod-T can work like a single COFDM modulator or can use its powerful multiplexing capabilities, all of this at very low cost, which turn it into an efficient and flexible solution. The device’s output needs to be externally filtered and combined.

  • EtherTV Mod-T architecture

    • Input of MPEG-2 Transport Streams over IP
    • Multiplexing from indepent SPTS streams to generate a TS compatible with DVB-T
    • COFDM modulator in VHF and UHF bands
    • Maximum efficiency and flexibility in the channel multiplexing
    • PID remapping support
    • SAP/SDP support
    • Hot swappable and auto-start feature
    • Generates a terrestrial MUX up to 23 Mbps
    • Easy configuration via POLARplus Manager software tool
    • Compact solution based on blade operation inside three possible chassis
    • Extremely robust and durable (24/7 operation)