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  • EtherTV Mux is a powerful and reliable IP DVB multiplexer with ASI output

    Designed for DTH terrestrial, contribution systems and for re-multiplexing applications. It can be used in combination with all EtherTV devices and It provides the possibility to use classical ASI inputs.

    EtherTV Mux is, in fact, a compact IP multiplexing solution that provides IP input and ASI output on a single board.

  • EtherTV Mux architecture

    • IP Multiplexed of SPTS DVB transport streams flows over IP
    • PSI/SI table management, monitoring and processing
    • Reliable PCR re-stamping.
    • Powerful multiplexing algorithms
    • Output rate up to 20 Mbit/s
    • Flow management for external PSI/SI table generation
    • SAP/SDP support
    • Advanced ghost components management. Easy multiplexing of CA encrypted services
    • Carrier grade, 24/7 operation
    • Easy configuration via POLARplus Manager software tool
    • SNMP monitoring
    • Easy configuration via POLARplus Manager software tool
    • Hot swappable and auto-start feature
    • Compact solution based on blade operation inside three possible chassis