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  • EtherTV introduces Digital Broadcasting Services directly into a LAN and distributes live broadcast TV and radio across IP networks

    EtherTV is a cost-effective, modular and scalable platform able to receive, demultiplex and stream into IP network DVB-like signals (DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-ASI).

    The optional Common Interface slots (CI option) allow descrambling encrypted channels.

  • EtherTV architecture

    • MPEG-2 TS stream over IP (UDP/RTP)
    • Unicast and Multicast streaming
    • Support for DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-ASI inputs
    • Demultiplexing functionality and service filtering
    • BISS descrambling supported. Multiple keys can be applied
    • Dynamic service configuration. Changes in service information are detected and updated
    • Up to 14 services can be demultiplexed and streamed simultaneously
    • EIT/EPG demultiplexing functionality is implemented
    • SNMP monitoring
    • Direct MPTS encapsulation into IP. Up to 60 Mbps in DVB-S2
    • IP Extraction from MPE (Multi Protocol Encapsulation)
    • Optional CI slots for service descrambling. Alternatively, CA info can be passed through
    • SNR, BER and Pwr measures are provided
    • PSI/SI analysis. PAT, PMT and SDT table regeneration
    • SAP/SDP support
    • Easy configuration via POLARplus Manager software tool
    • Hot swappable and auto-start feature
    • Compact solution based on blade operation inside three possible chassis
    • Extremely robust and durable (24/7 operation)